Network inference


A tool for ODE-based modeling of dynamic gene regulatory networks with heuristic search of the topology network structure minimizing both the model fit error and the number of edges that are not supported by prior knowledge. NetGenerator is used for small-scale networks (<30 nodes).

The algorithm has been implemented as a package in the programming language / statistical computing environment R. It is available in form of a testing bundle containing both the algorithm and the examples at


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TILAR – Network Reconstruction

In this tutorial we will infer a gene regulatory network (GRN) from human gene expression data by integrating transcription factor binding site (TFBS) predictions...

ExTILAR – Network Inference

ExTILAR extends the TILAR algorithm by adding a variety of new aspects to the modeling concept to support time resolved data. In this tutorial we will show how to infer a dynamic transcription factor network using time series data of cultivated murine hepatocytes.