Successful treatment of DEAP-HUS with eculizumab.

Noone D, Waters A, Pluthero FG, Geary DF, Kirschfink M, Zipfel PF, Licht C (2014) Successful treatment of DEAP-HUS with eculizumab. Pediatr Nephrol 29(5), 841-851.


Deficiency of complement factor H-related (CFHR) proteins and CFH autoantibody-positive hemolytic uremic syndrome (DEAP-HUS) represents a unique subgroup of complement-mediated atypical HUS (aHUS). Autoantibodies to the C-terminus of CFH block CFH surface recognition and mimic mutations found in the genetic form of (CFH-mediated) aHUS. CFH autoantibodies are found in 10-15 % of aHUS patients and occur--so far unexplained--almost exclusively in the background of CFHR1 or CFHR3/CFHR1 deletions.


Peter F. Zipfel


doi: 10.1007/s00467-013-2654-x

PMID: 24249282