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Rubterolones and other fantastic secondary metabolites

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Guo H, Benndorf R, Leichnitz D, Klassen JL, Vollmers J, Görls H, Steinacker M, Weigel C, Dahse HM, Kaster AK, de Beer ZW, Poulsen M, Beemelmanns C (2017) Isolation, Biosynthesis and Chemical Modifications of Rubterolones A–F, Rare Tropolone Alkaloids from Actinomadura sp. 5-2 Chem. Eur J [Accepted]

Wyche TP, Ruzzini AC, Beemelmanns C, Kim KH, Klassen JL, Cao S, Poulsen M, Bugni TS, Currie CR, Clardy J (2017) Linear Peptides Are the Major Products of a Biosynthetic Pathway That Encodes for Cyclic Depsipeptides. Org Lett, 19, 1772–1775