Webpage of the FOR Cytolabs online

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Dear all,

please have look at the new webpage of the Cytolabs consortium: CytoLabs.

The CytoLabs consortium consists of research groups from the Leibniz University of Hannover, The Technical University of Braunschweig, The Helmholtz Center for Infection Research and The Hans Knöll Institute. Their expertise includes: the total synthesis and semisynthesis of natural products and molecular tools; biophysical studies of proteins; the discovery and analysis of new natural products from fungi; the discovery and engineering of fungal biosynthetic pathways; eukaryotic cell biology; and chemical ecology. Individual research groups offer expertise in these areas and also collaborate within the consortium and with a wide range of international partners.

If you want to have a quick look at the structural diversity of cytochalasine, please check the Coconut webpage search cytochalasin