Distance Scan

A tool for finding pairs of transcription factor binding sites.
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The method is based on the idea that we can calculate the number of motifs with given nucleotide content and given number of mismatches in a random sequence. These predicted numbers can then be compared with the real occurrences of motifs in a query sequence.
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Fazius E, Shelest V, Shelest E. SiTaR: a novel tool for transcription factor binding site prediction. Bioinformatics. 2011;27(20):2806-11.[Link]


A tool for characterization of the gene expression and translation efficiency of gene sequences based on CAI (Codon Adaptation Index) and dCAI (Dicodon Adaptation Index).
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Orthology R package

This R package enables the assignment of  orthologous genes by utilization of multiple databases


FungiFun is a user-friendly Web tool for functional enrichment analysis of fungal genes and proteins. The novel tool FungiFun2 uses a completely revised data management system and thus allows enrichment analysis for 298 currently available fungal strains published in standard databases.


  • Priebe S, Kreisel C, Horn F, Guthke R, Linde J (2015) FungiFun2: A Comprehensive Online Resource for Systematic Analysis of Gene Lists from Fungal Species. Bioinformatics 31:445-446. [Link]
  • Priebe S, Linde J, Albrecht D, Guthke R, Brakhage AA (2011) FungiFun: A web-based application for functional categorization of fungal genes and proteins. Fungal Genet Biol 48(4), 353-358. [Link]