Prof. Dr. Axel A. Brakhage


VSt-Nr. 18427

Zeit und Ort

WiSe 2023/24


The module provides knowledge of applied microbiology microbiology and insights into biotechnology. The focus is on important environmental microorganisms of the soil (e.g. pseudomonas, Bacillaceae, Streptomycetes, Archaea, fungi), the degradation of problematic problematic substances such as lignin and hydrocarbons, the growth of
in biofilms, microbial communication, antibiotics, production of microorganisms by of microorganisms by means of fermentation, and methods of molecular biology such as metagenomics.

The students will be able to recognize the importance of microorganisms for the environment and biotechnology and to apply microbiological methods and approaches that are highly are highly relevant for later professional practice.

The seminar takes place during the semester; the date for the practical course as one-week full-day block is set by arrangement.


Axel A. Brakhage


Volker Schroeckh


Master of Science Biogeowissenschaften