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Immun- und Infektionsbiologie (BBC3.A4, BEW3A25 und 26)

Prof. Dr. Peter F. Zipfel SoSe 2020, montags 16.00 - 18.00 Uhr HKI-Center for Systems Biology of Infection, SR Robert Koch (1-41)


Dear Students,  

based on the current corona situation we are preparing the seminar and give you the option to select one of the manuscripts presented in webpage.

Please choose one and prepare a ca 20 minute power point presentation.

We hope and expect that toward the end of the lecture period we can have face to face meetings.

We will inform you and aske you whether we will have the presentations on Monday afternoon, select together a time for a block meeting, or if the situation does not approve have single meetings or use a written form for the analyses and summary of the manuscript.

Best regards please stay healthy and enjoy preparing this presentation. 

Peter Zipfel

The literature selection is done via Google tables, please click here to select the literature

Wichtiger Hinweis!

Für die Teilnahme an einem Seminar/Praktikum in unserer Abteilung ist ein ausreichender Hepatitisschutz (Titer > 100) erforderlich! Der Nachweis dafür ist vor Beginn des Praktikums zu erbringen. Das Formular dafür finden Sie unter dem Punkt Downloads.


Master of Science Microbiology Bachelor of Science Biochemie/Molekularbiologie Bachelor of Science Ernährungswissenschaften Master of Science Biochemistry Diplom Biologie Diplom Ernährungswissenschaften