Fungal-bacterial interactions in health and disease.

Krüger W, Vielreicher S, Kapitan M, Jacobsen ID, Niemiec MJ (2019) Fungal-bacterial interactions in health and disease. Pathogens 8(2), 70. (Review) PubMed Open Access PDF


Fungi and bacteria encounter each other in various niches of the human body. There, they interact directly with one another or indirectly via the host response. In both cases, interactions can affect host health and disease. In the present review, we summarized current knowledge on fungal-bacterial interactions during their commensal and pathogenic lifestyle. We focus on distinct mucosal niches: the oral cavity, lung, gut, and vagina. In addition, we describe interactions during bloodstream and wound infections and the possible consequences for the human host.

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doi: 10.3390/pathogens8020070 PMID: 31117285