Daniel Loos

Daniel Loos

Systembiologie und Bioinformatik

Telefon: +49 3641 532-1426 E-Mail: daniel.loos@leibniz-hki.de


Loos D, Zhang L, Beemelmanns C, Kurzai O and Panagiotou G** (2021) DAnIEL: a user-friendly web server for fungal ITS amplicon sequencing data. Front Microbiol [Accepted] Details PDF

Mirhakkak M, Schäuble S, Klassert T, Brunke S, Brandt P, Loos D, Uribe R, de Oliveira Lino FS, Ni Y, Vylkova S, Slevogt H, Hube B, Weiss G, Sommer MOA, Panagiotou G** (2021) Metabolic modeling predicts specific gut bacteria as key determinants for Candida albicans colonization levels. ISME J 15, 1257-1270. Details PubMed Open Access

Seelbinder B, Chen J, Brunke S, Vazquez-Uribe R, Santhanam R, Meyer AC, de Oliveira Lino FS, Chan KF, Loos D, Imamovic L, Tsang CC, Lam RP, Sridhar S, Kang K, Hube B, Woo PCY, Sommer MOA, Panagiotou G (2020) Antibiotics create a shift from mutualism to competition in human gut communities with a longer-lasting impact on fungi than bacteria. Microbiome 8(1), 133. Details PubMed Open Access PDF