Promicromonospora umidemergens sp. nov., isolated from moisture from indoor wall material.

Martin K, Schäfer J, Kämpfer P (2010) Promicromonospora umidemergens sp. nov., isolated from moisture from indoor wall material. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 60(Pt 3), 537-541. PubMed


A Gram-positive, yellow-pigmented, branched-hyphae-forming micro-organism, strain 09-Be-007(T), was isolated from the wall of an indoor environment. Based on 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity studies, strain 09-Be-007(T) belonged to the genus Promicromonospora. The novel isolate showed sequence similarities of 98.8 % to Promicromonospora aerolata V54A(T), 98.9 % to Promicromonospora vindobonensis V45(T), 98.1 % to Promicromonospora sukumoe DSM 44121(T), 98.2 % to Promicromonospora kroppenstedtii RS16(T), 96.7 % to Promicromonospora flava CC 0387(T) and 97.8 % to Promicromonospora citrea DSM 43110(T), the type strain of the type species of this genus. Cell wall sugars of strain 09-Be-007(T) were galactose, rhamnose and glucose. The diagnostic diamino acid of the cell-wall peptidoglycan was lysine. The major menaquinones detected were MK-9(H(4)) and MK-9(H(6)). Major polar lipids were diphosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylglycerol and phosphatidylinositol. Major fatty acids were iso-C(15 : 0) and anteiso-C(15 : 0); moderate amounts of anteiso-C(17 : 0), iso-C(16 : 0) and iso-C(15 : 1) were also found. All these data supported the affiliation of strain 09-Be-007(T) to the genus Promicromonospora. DNA-DNA hybridization values and physiological and biochemical data enabled strain 09-Be-007(T) to be differentiated genotypically and phenotypically from the six recognized species of the genus Promicromonospora. For these reasons, strain 09-Be-007(T) represents a novel species, for which the name Promicromonospora umidemergens sp. nov. is proposed, with 09-Be-007(T) (=DSM 22081(T)=CCM 7634(T)) as the type strain.

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doi: 10.1099/ijs.0.014142-0 PMID: 19654362