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World Health Summit 2017



Kosmos, Berlin

WS 19 - Sepsis and Infections in the 21st Century, hosted by the Leibniz Association
Oct. 16, 2017, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PMWorkshop (WS 19) - Saal 4 - Africa

At the beginning of the 21st century, the book on infectious diseases is far from being closed. Increasing antibiotic resistance, emergence of new pathogens, together with changes in pathogen distribution due to altered climate and mobility and the rise in the undertaking of invasive medical procedures present global challenges. This threat is further enhanced by a drastic lack of (new) effective drugs as well as by insufficient preventive and diagnostic possibilities.

In particular, vulnerability to sepsis is increasing on a global scale and is now the third leading cause of death in the world. Sepsis refers to the life threatening condition in which the body fights a severe infection that has spread into the bloodstream, often resulting in organ failure. As well as constituting a life threatening condition, sepsis is one of the most costly conditions regarding treatment, in 2011 more than 20 billion dollars spent on fighting the disease in the US alone. Inconsistency in terms of recognition and assessment of symptoms continues to constitute a serious barrier to addressing the disease.

This session focuses on the threats posed by underestimated pathogens such as human pathogenic fungi and multiresistant bacteria as well as on strategies to effectively diagnose and efficiently treat sepsis in its early stages.

Bernhard Hube, HKI

Dr. Vida Hamilton

Health Services Executive | National Clinical Lead Sepsis | Ireland

The National Sepsis QI Programme of Ireland

Prof. Dr. Oliver Kurzai
Julius Maximilians University of Wuerzburg | Medical Microbiology and Mycology | Professor and Chair | Germany

Challenges in Infection Control - Invasive Mycoses as a Case Study

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schaible
Research Center Borstel - Leibniz-Center for Medicine and Biosciences | Head of Cellular Microbiology | Germany

The Global Challenge of Infections with Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria such as Tuberculosis

Dr. Markus Weigand
German Sepsis Society | President | Germany

Fulfilling the Goals of the Resolution of the World Health Assembly