Microbial natural products serving as mediators of biological communication are essential for our lives. They do, however, play an ambivalent role: on the one hand, they contribute to the generation of many infectious diseases; on the other hand, they belong to the most important sources provided in drugs such as antibiotics. 

We investigate the communication between micro-organisms to be able to make use of the acquired know-how to develop innovative components for the diagnosis and therapy of diseases. By means of implementing those research results and the derived models thereof, we make a contribution to the development of the systems biology of an infection.

Versuchsmaus auf einer Hand

Animal experiments in research // 19.04.2018

Information event by scientists from Jena on April 24, 2018 more…

The awardees of the Beutenberg Campus Science Award: Dr. Selene Mogavero (HKI) and Dr. Arne Sahm (FLI) together with the speaker of the "Noble Talks" Prof. Rudolf Jaenisch (MIT, Cambridge, USA)

Awards for young researchers // 18.04.2018

Scientists of the Leibniz-HKI and Leibniz-FLI receive the Science Award of the Beutenberg Campus more…

Pierre Stallforth, Leiter des Forscherteams, arbeitet an einer Chromatographie-Anlage zur Trennung von Substanzgemischen.

Dangerous cohabitation // 12.04.2018

Scientists discover a combination of substances that is active against hospital bug more…

The chemist Dr. Florian Kloß is head of the Transfer Group Antiinfectives.

Fight against tuberculosis // 22.03.2018

Video documenting the development of a promising new antibiotic is available online now more…


23.04.2018 - 24.04.2018 // Weinberg Campus, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Halle (Saale)

Leibniz Conference on Bioactive Compounds

24.04.2018 // 17:00 Uhr // Rosensäle, FSU Jena (Fürstengraben 27)

Tierversuche in der Forschung