Investigating natural products – combating infections

Our scientists combine microbial natural product research with infection biology, in particular of human-pathogenic fungi.

We are interested in the production and ecological function of microbial natural products and in the interactions of pathogenic microorganisms, especially fungi, with the host. To this end, we investigate the defence of the immune system against pathogens, the strategies of microorganisms to overcome it and the molecules involved.

We use our findings to develop new diagnostic methods and natural product-based anti-infectives.

For a Thuringia that is open to the world

Weltoffenes Thüringen

Leibniz-HKI supports the initiative Weltoffenes Thüringen

The Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology has joined the Weltoffenes Thüringen initiative. The Thuringia-wide initiative, in which more than 5,600 institutions, companies, associations and individuals are already involved, stands for a democratic, diverse, peaceful and respectful Thuringia.

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