Microbial natural products serving as mediators of biological communication are essential for our lives. They do, however, play an ambivalent role: on the one hand, they contribute to the generation of many infectious diseases; on the other hand, they belong to the most important sources provided in drugs such as antibiotics. 

We investigate the communication between micro-organisms to be able to make use of the acquired know-how to develop innovative components for the diagnosis and therapy of diseases. By means of implementing those research results and the derived models thereof, we make a contribution to the development of the systems biology of an infection.


19.08.2019 // 16:00 Uhr // Lecture hall Koch and Pasteur, Leibniz-HKI

Prof. Dr. Richard Pott:
Vermüllung der Ozeane – Mikroplastik in der Umwelt

05.09.2019 // 11:00 Uhr // Lecture hall Louis Pasteur, HKI

Prof. Dr. Fernando Geu-Flores:
Biosynthesis and translocation of toxic alkaloids in lupins