Efficient administration in the service of science

The administration of the Leibniz-HKI sees itself as a service provider with fast and uncomplicated communication channels that enable comprehensive and adequate support in all  administrative matters.

As a team, we strive to work consistently in a service- and process-oriented manner since we understand this attitude as the key to high quality, efficiency and pace in our administrative processes.

The administration building of the Leibniz-HKI, Anna Schroll


Elke Jäcksch
Administrative director


Jan Kösling-Wettstaedt
Team leader · Personnel
Nils Haußner
Travel costs · personnel


Please send your invoices to the following address: rechnung@leibniz-hki.de.

Michael Kind
Team leader · Accounting · Project management
Sandra Fischer
Nils Haußner
Project management
Linda Ortlepp
Accounting · Project management
Cornelia Peuker
Accounting · Fixed Asset Accounting
Christine Serfling
Accounting · cash

Procurement and construction management

Anna Stöcker
Team leader (parental leave)
Claudia Zaremba
Team leader
Sandra Ertel
Mehriban Kramer
Diana Rausch
Kerstin Siegmund
Jens Trotzer

Facility management

Frank Schebitz
Team leader · Technical services
Eckhard Hemme
Michael Hetz