Efficient administration in the service of science

The administration of the Leibniz-HKI sees itself as a service provider with fast and uncomplicated communication channels that enable comprehensive and adequate support in all  administrative matters.

As a team, we strive to work consistently in a service- and process-oriented manner since we understand this attitude as the key to high quality, efficiency and pace in our administrative processes.

The administration building of the Leibniz-HKI, Anna Schroll


Elke Jäcksch
Administrative director


Jan Kösling-Wettstaedt
Team leader · Personnel
Nils Haußner
Travel costs · personnel


Please send your invoices to the following address: rechnung@leibniz-hki.de.

Michael Kind
Team leader · Accounting · Project management
Sandra Fischer
Nils Haußner
Project management
Linda Ortlepp
Accounting · Project management (currently absent)
Cornelia Peuker
Accounting · Fixed Asset Accounting
Christine Serfling
Accounting · cash


Claudia Zaremba
Team leader
Sandra Ertel
Mehriban Kramer
Diana Rausch
Kerstin Siegmund
Jens Trotzer

Construction and facility management

Frank Schebitz
Team leader · Technical services
Eckhard Hemme
Michael Hetz