Race against multi-resistant pathogens

We want to detect infections faster, improve existing treatments and find new therapies. This is only possible if we understand diseases at all levels: That is why we study molecular infection mechanisms of human pathogenic fungi with knowledge and data directly from the clinic and search for suitable anti-infective agents. Every new discovery is a head start in the race against multi-resistant pathogens, which are also an increasingly frequent problem in the case of fungal infections in the clinic .

We search for new antibiotics and develop biotechnological processes to provide sufficient quantities of highly pure substance for preclinical and clinical research. With a translational structural unit, we are dedicated to pharmaceutical drug development from lead qualification to clinical testing. As the National Reference Centre for Invasive Fungal Infections, we advise physicians on all aspects of severe fungal infections. Together with partners from research and clinical practice, at the Leibniz Centre for Photonics in Infection Research we are developing completely new concepts for the personalised diagnosis and therapy of infections, including immune cell-based methods and therapeutic microorganisms.