Naim Al-Zaben
Main Research Areas
  • Quantification of cell migration and cell shape dynamics
  • Image processing and segmentation
  • Mathematical modeling
Curriculum vitae

Professional Career

since 2015 PhD student in Bioinformatics at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
2013-2015 M.Sc. in Health Science and Technology at the Inje University (KOR)
2007-2011 B.Sc in Software Engineering at the Al-Hussein Bin Talal University (JOR)

Al-Zaben N*, Medyukhina A*, Dietrich S, Marolda A, Hünniger K, Kurzai O, Figge MT; *authors contributed equally (2019) Automated tracking of label-free cells with enhanced recognition of whole tracks. Sci Rep 9(1), 3317. Details PubMed Open Access PDF Supplement

Hassan MIA*, Cseresnyes Z*, Al-Zaben N, Dahse HM, Vilela de Oliveira RJ, Walther G, Voigt K**, Figge MT**; *shared first authors; ** authors contributed equally (2019) The geographical region of origin determines the phagocytic vulnerability of Lichtheimia strains. Environ Microbiol 21(12), 4563-4581. Details PubMed Open Access PDF Supplement

Svensson CM, Medyukhina A, Belyaev I, Al-Zaben N, Figge MT (2018) Untangling cell tracks: Quantifying cell migration by time lapse image data analysis. Cytometry A 93(3), 357-370. Details PubMed Open Access PDF