It is impossible to lock-down science -

three papers accepted and all online in two weeks!

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Congrats to Huijuan, David, Jan, Luka, Rene, Ki Hyun, all our collaborators (and all anonymous referees) for these amazing pieces of research work!

First Org. Lett publication features two new PKS-derived natural products from Actinomadura! 13C-labeling studies and x-ray crystallopgraphy was necessary to solve these challeging natural product structures

Second Org. Lett. publication features a new synthetic approach towards vinylogous amino acid containing natural products! David et al applied a very efficient solid-phase based HWE reagent to synthesize new active derivatives!

ChemBioChem paper features a glycosylated incisterol derivative isolated from a indigenous Xylaria species found at our very own Jeaner Fürstenbrunnen !