PhD position "Total Synthesis of Natural Products"

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The Junior Research Group Chemical Biology of Microbe Host Interactions offers a  PhD position  starting spring 2016 for three years initially within the field of Organic Chemistry.

Project Topic:  Structural and functional analysis of complex natural products by total synthesis

To validate the postulated planar structure of the recently isolated natural products and to allow more detailed biological structure-activity studies, an efficient synthetic strategy towards the important compound class is needed. 

In the first two years the total synthesis of the natural products is envisaged.  By using a broad range of different synthetic transformation methods (organometallic coupling reactions, asymmetric reduction protocols, substitution, metathesis, olefination and hydroxylation reactions), the candidate should develop a robust and modular synthetic approach. It is envisaged to minimze the amount of synthetic steps and usage of protection groups to ensure a highly atom-economic and redox-efficient synthesis. Using the developed strategy, the synthesis of structural derivatives and the implementation of (additional) functionalities such as fluorescence tags are envisaged. The biological activity of all newly synthesized compounds will be validated in robust bioassays to understand principle (bio)chemical and small molecule-mediated communication mechanisms of microbe-host interactions.

For further information, see Job Advertisement No. 3/2016