DDP – Drug-Development-Project

Finding new bioactive compounds with entirely new mechanisms of action is one of the greatest challenges for further improving human health on a global scale. The Leibniz-HKI adresses this challenge with its main research fields microbial natural product research and infection biology with a focus on human pathogenic fungi. It has the necessary critical mass and competitiveness in terms of both personnel and infrastructure due to a consistent strategic further development of the institute`s concept.

The Drug Development Project combines the most potent technologies currently available on the market, enabling the systematic identification and optimisation of new inhibitor classes with high target structure specificity. In combination with already established methods of biological testing, biotechnological production, expertise in medicinal chemistry, ADME characterization and animal experiments, this creates a complete process chain that ensures a competitive advantage for the region.


  • Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology - Hans Knöll Institute (Coordinator)
  • Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health


This project is financed by InfectControl 2020.