Interested in joining us for a Master- or Bachelor-thesis?

Topics are always available...

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If you enjoy working in a lab and want to be part of an enthusiastic team of young researchers, please contact us! 

If you have very good academic record with some experiences in molecular biology or microbiology - even better!

Current topics aim at the cloning, charactization, or heterologous expression of genes with a functional role during the interaction of fungi and and amoeba.

Our current lab organisms: the model amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum, the fungus-eating amoeba Protostelium aurantium, and pathogenic fungi including, but not limited to Aspergillus and Candida.

We guarantee a well equipped lab environment, with nice colleagues, close supervision and access to any up-to-date molecular methods necessary to complete the projects.

Interested?  Email to: "Master thesis in the EMI"