Reflecting Sepsis and Infection in Arts

Date and time


University Hospital Jena

Sepsis is often underestimated - however, worldwide circa every 4 seconds a person dies of this disease. Sepsis is the third most frequent cause of death in Germany.

But what does this life-threatening condition, which in many cases requires a prolonged stay in the intensive care unit, mean for those affected? Can sepsis be prevented and if yes, how? What is important for the detection and treatment of sepsis? What consequences can infectious diseases can be expected in times of increasing antibiotic resistance? The exhibition "Sepsis und Infektion im Spiegel der Kunst” (Reflecting Sepsis and Infection in Art) combines attempts to give visual answers to these questions. The artists and protagonists take very different perspectives and use different means of art. A special focus is placed on those affected: the survivors, but also their relatives and medical personnel.

Every year, Jena-based organizations, research and medical institutions jointly organize local activities on the occasion of World Sepsis Day on September 13. For several years, focus has been placed on literally "putting sepsis in the picture". With the 2019 exhibition, the series takes up various graphic approaches to sepsis and infection. The main aim is increase sepsis awareness and to inform people about this disease. And how could this be done better than using pictures? Images that can touch us, are easily remembered, tell stories and allow us to approach a difficult topic from different perspectives.

The exhibition can be visited as part of the "Kunst in der Magistrale" from September 2019 to the end of November 2019 at the University Hospital Jena, Lobeda.

The following pages present excerpts of the shown works and introduce some of the participating artists.