Else Kröner-Fresenius Seminar

Stem cells and aging: lessons from Drosophila // Treatment of Age-related Diseases with Senolytic Agents (Kopie)

Henrich Jasper, Jan van Deursen

Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato, USA und Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA

Date and time


Nucleus, FLI New Building Entrance Hall, Beutenbergstraße 11

Dr. Jasper is pioneering the field of stem cell aging by using Drosophila as a model system. In recent years it was discovered that Drosophila ha somatic stem cells in the gut epithelium. These stem cells contribute to tissue homeostasis and lifespan control. Dr. Jasper disclosed basic principles of stem cell maintenance in the context of aging.

Dr. van Deursen provided a proof of principle in mouse models that the accumulation of senescent cells promotes tissue and organismal aging in progeroid mouse models of accelerated aging. He will report unpublished data on the role of senescent cells in aging and the possibility to improve health and lifespan by removal of p16-positive, senescent cells.