Scientific Symposium

BioSynthetic Strategies Towards New Antimicrobial Natural Products

Date and time


Lecture hall Koch and Pasteur

The colloquium is organised by the Junior Research Group Chemical Biology of Host-Microbe Interactions.

Invited speakers are:

Dr. Renata Marcia de Figueiredo, Institut Charles Gerhardt, Montepellier:
Organocatalyzed Cyclopropanation and Aziridination of a-Branched Enals and Inverse Peptide Synthesis

Prof. Dr. Tobias Gulder, Technical University Munich, Germany
Enzymatic Synthesis of Complex Polycyclic Natural Products in vivo and in vitro

Prof. Jean-Marc Campagne, University of Montpellier, France:
From Macrolactin A to Cyclobutenes and N-Heterocycles Syntheses 

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