Events in November 2018

02.11.2018 // 14:00 Uhr // Doctoral disputation

Volha Skrahina

Role of micronutrients during fungal infections

Lecture hall Louis Pasteur, HKI more…

05.11.2018 // 16:00 Uhr // Doctoral disputation

James Tauber

Regulation of Basidiomycete Small Molecules during Co-culturing

Lecture hall Louis Pasteur more…

19.11.2018 - 20.11.2018 // Annual Meeting

FungiNet Annual Meeting 2018

Bildungszentrum Kloster Banz more…

20.11.2018 // 18:00 Uhr // Scientific Colloquium of the Matthias Schleiden Institute

Dr. Matthew Agler

Known unknowns: Microbe-microbe interactions are essential for plant health

Lecture hall Am Planetarium 1 more…

22.11.2018 // 16:15 Uhr // Colloquium of the Faculty of Biological Sciences

Prof. Dr. Thilo M. Fuchs

Gene gain and gene loss in the evolution of pathogenic yersiniae

Lecture hall 250, University main buiding more…

22.11.2018 // 18:00 Uhr // INFECTIONS'21

Globaler Wandel und Infektionskrankheiten

Haus der Wissenschaft, Braunschweig more…