Inntate immune training

A characteristic hallmark of myeloid cell activation is the development of trained immunity, specified as long-lasting adaptations based on transcriptional and epigenetic modifications. In vivo this has been shown to be maintained by rerouting of hematopoiesis. Our group is working on innate immune memory development in response to the exposure of host derived molecules referred to as danger associated molecular patterns in different species including mice, naked mole rats and humans. We consider understanding of potential evolutionary differences will provide new perceptions of the regulatory mechanisms controlling the balance of the innate immune response in general. Recently we found that the iron containing porphyrin heme is a previously unrecognized trained immunity inducer promoting resistance to bacterial infection in mice. This goes along with extensive long-lasting epigenetic memory in hematopoietic stem cells provoking drastic changes in the transcription factor binding landscape of myeloid progenitor cells and is potentially evoked by sustained activity of Nfix, Runx1 and Nfe2l2 and dissociation of the transcriptional repressor Bach2. We are currently following up on these findings.

Five most important publications

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Lea Hauswald
Emma King
Dania Martínez Alarcón