Natural products from social amoebae.

Barnett R, Stallforth, P (2018) Natural products from social amoebae. Chem Eur J 24(17), 4202-4214. (Review) PubMed


Natural products are invaluable sources of structural diversity and complexity ideally suited for the development of therapeutic agents. The search for novel bioactive molecules has prompted scientists to explore various ecological niches. Microorganisms have been shown to constitute such an important source. Despite their biosynthetic potential, social amoebae, that is, microorganisms with both a uni- and multicellular lifestyle, are underexplored regarding their secreted secondary metabolome. In this review, we present the structural diversity of amoebal natural products and discuss their biological functions as well as their total syntheses.

Involved Units and Groups

doi: 10.1002/chem.201703694 PMID: 28963791