Insecticidal cyclodepsitetrapeptides from Mortierella alpina.

Rassbach J, Merseburger P, Wurlitzer JM, Binnemann N, Voigt K, Rohlfs M, Gressler M (2023) Insecticidal cyclodepsitetrapeptides from Mortierella alpina. J Nat Prod 86(7), 1715-1722.


Early diverging fungi, such as Mortierella alpina, are an emerging source of bioactive peptides. By screening 22 fungal isolates together with precursor-directed biosynthesis, a family of threonine-linked cyclotetradepsipeptides, the cycloacetamides A-F (1-6), was identified. The structure elucidation was conducted using NMR and HR-ESI-MS/MS analyses, and the absolute configuration was determined by Marfey's analysis and total synthesis. Cycloacetamides are not cytotoxic to human cells, while being highly selectively insecticidal against fruit fly larvae.


Markus Greßler
Johannes Raßbach
Kerstin Voigt
Jacob Wurlitzer


doi: 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.3c00146

PMID: 37341488