VSt-Nr. 23361

Molecular and microbial infection biology (MMB2.11 & MBC.A14)

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hube SS 2020, thursdays 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. HKI, Building A8, Center for Systems Biology of Infection, SR Robert Koch, Beutenbergstr. 11a


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The Lecture will be held in English!

TOPICS: History & principles of Infection Biology • Offensive Pathogenicity Factors • Defensive Pathogenicity Factors • Unspezific Pathogenicity Factors • Parasites • Microbial Colonization of Man • Pathogenic Bacteria • Pathogenic Fungi • Animal Infections and Zoonoses • Infection Immunology


Master of Science Microbiology Master of Science Biochemistry Master of Science Bioinformatik Master of Science Molecular Life Science