VSt-Nr. 18442

Grundlagen der Immun- und Infektionsbiologie (BBC3.A4, BB3.MLS12, BEW3A25 und 26)/ Immunologie

Prof. Dr. Peter F. Zipfel SoSe 2020, immer mittwochs, 10.00 - 11.30 via gotomeeting HKI-Center for Systems Biology of Infection, SR Robert Koch (1-41, Beutenbergstr. 11


lecture plan

1 13.05. P.F. Zipfel History of immunobiology
2 20.05 P.F. Zipfel Host response to infections
3 27.05. C. Skerka Antibodies for therapy
4 03.06. I. Jacobsen Animal models to study infections
5 10.06. M.T. Figge Aspects of quantitative immunology
6 17.06. H. Slevogt Different pathogens use different approaches for escape
7 24.06 L.D. Halder Extracellular vesicles in immune system
8 01.07. C. Vilhena Microbial immune evasion
9 08.07. C. Skerka Complement associated diseases
10 15.07 P.F. Zipfel written test


Master of Science Microbiology Bachelor of Science Biologie Bachelor of Science Biochemie/Molekularbiologie Bachelor of Science Ernährungswissenschaften Master of Science Biochemistry Diplom Biologie Diplom Ernährungswissenschaften