The Leibniz-HKI is an internationally leading research institute. Here, some important milestones of our development in recent years are summarised.

Scientific highlights

Scientists at the Leibniz-HKI combine microbial natural product research with infection biology, in particular of human-pathogenic fungi, and use their findings to develop new diagnostic methods and natural product-based anti-infectives.

Discovery of clostrubines

Shabuer G et al., Science 2015.

Function of complement inhibitor ApoE

Yin C et al., Nat Med 2019.

New Candida albicans antigens

Bacher P et al., Cell 2019.

Discovery of Candidalysin, the first toxin of a human-pathogenic fungus

Moyes et al., Nature 2016.

Synergistic effects of natural products

Arp J et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci 2018.

Virulent C. albicans mutant without hyphae formation

Dunker C et al., Nat Commun 2021.

Cooperative defense of bacteria against amoeba

Götze S et al., Chem Sci 2019.

High-throughput droplet microfluidics

Mahler L et al., eLife 2021.