Deutschsprachigen Mykologischen Gesellschaft - Poster and Photo Award

| by Yu Hu

Award and photo winner of MYK: Thomas Orasch holding both prices in the vienna city hall. (Source: Rafiq Muhammad)

It was my pleasure to receive a poster award at the Deutschsprachigen Mykologischen Gesellschaft (MYK) 2022 in Vienna. My poster dealt with the use of nanoparticles for antifungal treatment and the elucidation of the mechanism, how nanoparticles enhance the efficacy of antifungal substances. In future, this work will be expanded in the ATHANA project ( Furthermore, together with Franziska Schmidt I received the third price at the photo contest for our fluorescence microscopic picture of a macrophage attaching to Aspergillus fumigatus hyphae.

Thomas Orasch