Poster Award at Phagocytes Gordon Research Conference

| by Yu Hu

Award Winner, 1.f.l. Ann-Kathrin Zimmermann.

It was my pleasure to receive a poster award after an interesting week at the Phagocytes Gordon Reserach Conference (GRC). Our Team EV (Extracellular vesicles) is particularly interested in the interaction of Aspergillus fumigatus and immune cells and is researching new therapy strategies. Recently we were able to characterize antifungal vesicles produced by neutrophils and macrophages. More on this can be found here: Shopova et al. (mBio) 2020, Brakhage et al. (microLife) 2021, Rafiq, Rivieccio, Zimmermann et al. (mSphere) 2022.

Ann-Kathrin Zimmermann