Albert Garcia Lopez attended the EMBL Single-Cell RNA-seq analysis course

| by Ana Depetris Chauvin

From October 3 to 7, Albert attended an EMBL-EBI online course on Single-Cell RNA-seq analysis in R. The course covered multiple aspects surrounding scRNA-seq: from sample processing and preservation in the lab to data visualization using different well-known R packages in the field.
On each day, participants received theoretical lessons from renowned bioinformaticians from EMBL-EBI and other relevant institutions, coupled with on-hands practice on topics discussed on that day. The participants even had the chance to collaborate in groups to carry out a group project based on a public dataset and present the results on the last day of the course.
Additionally, Albert had the chance to chat, discuss, and learn from other researchers not only from the EMBL-EBI but from other Leibniz Institutes and similar excellent institutions.