New publication in the Journal Microbiome

| Ana Depetris Chauvin

Another excellent project comes to an end and a great publication emerges, and no less than in the prestigious journal Microbiome!

We are thrilled to share that our work “Identification of robust and generalizable biomarkers for microbiome-based stratification in lifestyle interventions” is now available online.  

Shaping the gut microbiota can help prevent disorders and improve health, and scientists have been exploring several lifestyle interventions targeting the gut microbiota as a treatment for diverse diseases. However, in some cases, these interventions fail to modify the gut microbiota composition, and as a consequence, the desired therapeutic role is not fulfilled.

In this article, first authors Jiarui Chen and Sara Leal Siliceo led by Prof. Gianni Panagiotou demonstrated that we can predict microbiome resistance to change in response to lifestyle interventions by simply using the baseline microbiome composition.

We are confident that this knowledge may help in the future to further improve the design of personalized lifestyle approaches.

MBD member Yueqiong Ni, and external collaborators contributed to the study. We are very grateful to all our collaborators and funding sources from the European Commission (Horizon Europe), and German agencies DFG and BMBF who may this work possible.

If you want to learn more about our study, follow us on Twitter (@MBD_lab) and read our Thread highlighting the most relevant results. Also, please check the 1 minute- video highlighting the relevance of our study below.

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