Convergence of the proteomic pattern in cancer.

Müller U, Ernst G, Melle C, Guthke R, von Eggeling F (2006) Convergence of the proteomic pattern in cancer. Bioinformatics 22(11), 1293-1296.


On the histological level the differentiation of normal epithelial tissues is well known. The phenomenon of dedifferentiation, which occurs as cells develop towards malignancy is also well described. To identify an epithelial tumor-specific proteomic profile as well as to measure the proximities between we used data from tumor tissue and adjacent normal tissue microdissected from head and neck and colon cancer samples which were analyzed using ProteinChip technology and performed a bioinformatic meta-analysis on the resulting four complex datasets.


Reinhard Guthke


PMID: 16522670