3. FEBS Advances Course took place in Jena

| by Steffi Feller

The 3rd FEBS Advances Course took place from 16 to 23 February 2020 in Jena.

We welcomed 16 highly motivated participants, who dealt with host-pathogen interactions in the course by teaching state-of-the-art alternative infection models and techniques.

In order to broaden the participants' understanding of infection models and pathogenesis, invited seminar speakers such as Ulrike Binder, Al Brown, Rhys Farrer, Teresa Zelante, Elaine Bignell and Constanin Urban provided further insights into fungal biology and the methods and models used to study the interactions of these fungi with the host.

A varied supporting programme, including a visit to the Botanical Garden and an International Evening, provided ample opportunities for informal exchange and discussions between participants and lecturers.

We thank all participants for this exciting week!