Scientific award for Anja Wartenberg

DGHM working group honours young scientist

For her scientific work on experimental evolution of pathogens, Dr Anja Wartenberg will receive the young researcher award of the DGHM working group on eukaryotic pathogens. Her research has led to publications in journals like PLOS Genetics (Wartenberg et al., 2014) or PLOS One (Lüttich et al., 2013), and to her successful dissertation with a final grade of "summa cum laude". Following her time in Jena and at the Hans Knöll Institute, she has now moved to continue her scientific career. The award emphasizes the high quality of Anja's research.

The prize will be presented to Anja during this year's workshop of the working group in Erlangen at the end of February. As awardee, Anja will give a talk on "In vitro and in vivo adaptation studies – Microevolution of Candida albicans".

Well done and congratulations, Anja!