One of the best mycology studies in 10 years of PLOS Pathogens

An invasive hyphae of C. albicans binds ferritin (red staining). Photo: R. Almeida

PLOS Pathogens has turned 10! For the open access journal this is an excellent reason to annouce a 10th Anniversary Collection of primary research papers that reflect the high quality and breadth of research typical for PLOS Pathogens articles. From the nomination process emerged 42 articles that were chosen for their scientific excellence, diversity, and sheer influence on pathogens research and human health (source: PLOS Pathogens). We are proud that an article from our department has been chosen as one of the four best mycology studies in PLOS Pathogens' 10-year history:

Almeida RS, Brunke S, Albrecht A, Thewes S, Laue M, Edwards JE, Filler SG, Hube B (2008) The hyphal-associated adhesin and invasin Als3 of Candida albicans mediates iron acquisition from host ferritin. PLoS Pathog 4, e1000217.

Congratulations to the authors and to PLOS Pathogens for its 10-year success story!