Yet again - "medac" research award for scientific publication

From left: Nikolaus Graf zu Stolberg (Director of medac GmbH), S. Mogavero, K. Willing, T. Förster, P. Stallforth, T. Krüger, O. Kniemeyer, M. Klapper, R. Barnett, Axel Brakhage (Director of HKI). Source: M. Ramm, HKI.

The pharmaceutical company medac GmbH, located in Wedel, Germany, has a long tradition of supporting research and science. The medac research award is specifically aimed at young scientist here at the HKI whose work is an outstanding example for interdisciplinary science. This year, two publications have been honored, one of them led by researchers in our department:

Moyes DL*, Wilson D*, Richardson JP*, Mogavero S*, Tang SX, Wernecke J, Höfs S, Gratacap RL, Robbins J, Runglall M, Murciano C, Blagojevic M, Thavaraj S, Förster TM, Hebecker B, Kasper L, Vizcay G, Iancu SI, Kichik N, Häder A, Kurzai O, Luo T, Krüger T, Kniemeyer O, Cota E, Bader O, Wheeler RT, Gutsmann T, Hube B, Naglik JR (2016) Candidalysin is a fungal peptide toxin critical for mucosal infection. Nature 532, 64-68. [PubMed] (*equal contribution)

We congratulate Duncan Wilson (former MPM member, now University of Aberdeen, Institute of Medical Sciences), Selene Mogavero, Sarah Höfs (former MPM member), Toni Förster, Betty Hebecker (former MPM member, now University of Aberdeen, Institute of Medical Sciences), Lydia Kasper and our boss Bernhard Hube!

You will find further information on the main HKI website.