Medac research award for interesting publication

The pharmaceutical company medac GmbH, located in Wedel, Germany, has a long tradition of supporting research and science. The medac research award is specifically aimed at young scientist here at the HKI whose work is an outstanding example for interdisciplinary science. This year, three publications have been honored, one of them led by researchers in our department:

Allert S*Förster TM*, Svensson CM, Richardson JP, Pawlik THebecker B, Rudolphi S, Juraschitz M, Schaller M, Blagojevic M, Morschhäuser J, Figge MT, Jacobsen ID, Naglik JR, Kasper LMogavero S, Hube B (2018) Candida albicans-induced epithelial damage mediates translocation through intestinal barriers. mBio 9(3). pii: e00915-18. [PubMed] (*shared first author)

We congratulate Stefanie Allert, Toni Förster, Betty Hebecker, Lydia Kasper, Selene Mogavero (all MPM members), Tony Pawlik (research group Microbial Immunology) and our boss Bernhard Hube!

You will find further information on the main HKI website.