Excellent personnel policy

Leibniz Institutes in Jena have been honoured with the TOTAL E-QUALITY award

The three Leibniz Institutes in Jena received the "Total E-Quality" Award (TEQ) on November 5, 2019 in Munich for their forward-looking and sustainably effective personnel policy.

The nationwide association "Total E-Quality Germany" honours the research institutes for their successful work: treating women and men equally and promoting diversity. In addition, they create the conditions for employees to be able to reconcile work and private life.

"The Leibniz-HKI wants to offer all colleagues the best working conditions, regardless of origin, nationality, gender, religion or age. This is the only way to make innovative and creative research possible," emphasises Christine Vogler. As an expression of appreciation for the diversity of our employees, we have also applied for the additional rating "Diversity".

At the Leibniz-HKI, special recognition was given to the excellent support services for young scientists and international researchers.