More than just yoghurt

Funding for FunComPath by European Programme

| by Christine Vogler

The investigation of the influence of the normal microbial flora on infectious diseases and the possible protective effects of probiotics are the topics of a new European research funding programme. The consortium FunComPath which is headed by HKI is one of the projects selected for funding.

FunComPath brings together a team of researchers from Jena, Paris, Düsseldorf, Madrid and Gothenburg to investigate the transition of the yeast Candida albicans from harmless comensal to dangerous pathogen. Bernhard Hube (Department of Microbial Pathogenicity Mechanisms, HKI and Professor for Microbial Pathogenicity at FSU Jena) is closely collaborating with German and French companies in this project. FunComPath will be funded with 1 Million Euro for three years. 

Bernhard Hube