Distinction by TU München for HKI natural product researcher

HKI scientist Christian Hertweck is awarded the 2014 Manchot Research Professorship

| by Christine Vogler

Manchot Research Professorship
Kai-Olaf M. Hinrichsen (Dean of the Chemistry Department, TU München), Christian Hertweck, Michael Groll (Chair of Biochemistry, TU München), (f.l.t.r.), at the award ceremony for the Manchot Research Professorship. Source: Andreas Battenberg/TUM

For his seminal work on natural products Christian Hertweck has been awarded the 2014 Wilhem Manchot Reserach Professorship by the Chemistry Department of the Technische Universität München. In addition to being honoured for his scientific work, the awardee is invited to lecture at the Department of Chemistry at TU München.

Christian Hertweck and his team at the Department of Biomolecular Chemistry at the Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology - Hans Knöll Institute (HKI) have been studying naturally occuring small molecules. They isolate these compounds from rarely studied microorganisms and analyse their potential as antibiotics or cancer therapeutics.

"The Manchot Research Professorship is a great honour for me and an excellent opportunity to foster collaborations with researchs in Munich as well as giving students there an insight into our research", explains Christian Hertweck. In addition to an inaugural he will give one more lecture, stressing the importance of interdisciplinary collaborations in science. 

Each year, the Jürgen Manchot Foundation awards the Wilhelm Manchot Research Professorship to outstanding chemists.The award commemorates Wilhelm Manchot, Chemistry Professor and Director of the Anorganic Chemistry Institute of Technical University München from 1914 until 1935.

Christian Hertweck