Award-winning times for the HKI

49th Scientific Conference of the German speaking Mycological Society (DMykG) e. V. and 1st International Symposium of the CRC/Transregio FungiNet

The fungi Candida albicans invades human hepatic epithelial cells. (photo: Tony Pawlik)

320 visitors came to this year’s Myk conference in Jena from 16th – 19th September which makes it the biggest Myk of all time. This year for the first time there were also foreign scientists who participated in the conference and gave presentations. For the HKI it was a quite successful meeting, honoured with numerous awards:

  • Honorary membership of the DMykG for Axel Brakhage (Molecular and Applied Microbiology)
  • Research award of the DMykG for Ilse Jacobsen (Microbial Immunology)
  • Science award of the DMykG foundation for Sascha Brunke and Katja Graf (Microbial Pathogenicity Mechanisms)
  • Hans Rieth award of the DMykG foundation for Bettina Böttcher (Microbial Pathogenicity Mechanisms)
  • Poster award of the CRC/TR FungiNet for Sarah Höfs (Microbial Pathogenicity Mechanisms) and Susann Pohlers (Fungal Septomics)
  • Poster award of the DMykG foundation for Hella Schmidt (Molecular and Applied Microbiology)
  • Photo award of the Myk 2015 for Tony Pawlik (Microbial Immunology)