March for Science

HKI supports the "March for Science" on 22. April 2017 in Jena

| by Christine Vogler

Critical thinking and sound judgement require reliable criteria for the evaluation of information. The thorough investigation of our world and the subsequent classification of the knowledge gained is the task of science. If however scientifcally based facts are denied, relativesed, or simply considered on the same level as "alternate facts" in order to benefit politically, all constructive dialogue is made impossible. Since constructive dialogue is the foundation of our democracy, such develops affect all of society and not only scientists.

On April 22, 2017, people all around the world gather to demonstrate that scientific findings as the basis of social discourse in non-negotiable. Everyone - not only scientists -  who considers the clear distinction between sound knowledge and personal opinion important is invited to join this global demontration for the value of science and research!

The event in Jena is organised by the Friedrich Schiller University and supported by the HKI and numerous other institutions.

22. 04. 2017 ▪ March for Science in Jena

10:00 am University Main Building
10:15 am March to Campus Ernst-Abbe-Platz
10:45 am Rally with music