HKI Team competes in the "Jenaer Firmenlauf"

Running scientists participate for the seventh time in a row

| by Christine Vogler

The "Jenaer Firmenlauf" took place in paradise park on Wednesday evening at almost tropical temperatures. Highly motivated, the team of 35 HKI employees plunged into the turmoil to run approx. 5 km through the park together with almost 3500 other sports enthusiasts.

Encouraged by numerous spectators in the stands, the runners set off. The last starting block had not long left the stadium, when the fastest runners are already reachied the finish line in the Ernst Abbe sports field. We are very happy that Master student Marius Faber finished fourth! Congratulations also to all participants for their athletic performance!

Impressions of the 8. "Jenaer Firmenlauf"

Firmenlauf_1 (Quelle: HKI)
Firmenlauf_2 (Quelle: HKI)
Firmenlauf_3 (Quelle: HKI)
Firmenlauf_4 (Quelle: HKI)
Firmenlauf_5 (Quelle: HKI)
Firmenlauf_6 (Quelle: HKI)