Ancient fungus and brand new antibiotic

Nine HKI researchers receive the medac Research Award 2014

| by Christine Vogler

The elucidation of the genome sequence of the ancient fungus Lichtheimia corymbifera by Volker Schwartze, Ekatarina Shelest, Fabian Horn, Jörg Linde, Vito Valiante and Kerstin Kaerger and its publication in PLoS Genetics was honoured with the medac Research Award 2014. 

Also the team of Sacha Pidot, Keishi Ishida and Michael Cyrulies received the medac Research Award 2014 for their discovery of the novel antibiotic substance clostrubin which shows promising activity against multiresistent bacteria.

The award of 10 000 Euro is donated by the pharmaceutical company medac GmbH which strives to support young scientists and encourage interdisciplinary research cooperations.