Leibniz drug of the year 2020 comes from Jena

Malleicyprols involved in life-threatening diseases

Bacteria of the genus Burkholderia cause severe infections in humans and animals. Scientists at Leibniz-HKI have now identified substances formed by the bacteria, so-called malleicyprols. Initial laboratory tests prove that they contribute to their pathogenic effect. Christian Hertweck's group is thus closing the gap in knowledge about the virulence factors of the bacteria. The malleicyprols have now been selected as the Leibniz drug of the year 2020.

Original publication: Trottmann F, Franke J, Richter I, Ishida K, Cyrulies M, Dahse HM, Regestein L, Hertweck C (2019) Cyclopropanol warhead in malleicyprol confers virulence of human- and animal-pathogenic Burkholderia species. Angew Chem Int Ed 58(40), 14129-14133.


Christian Hertweck