Long Night of the Sciences at Leibniz-HKI

Welcome to the fascinating world of microorganisms

| Charlotte Fuchs

On November 25, 2022, Leibniz-HKI will finally open its doors again for the Long Night of the Sciences (#LNdWJena). Venture behind the lab doors and explore the hidden world of microbes yourself.

Flyer of the Long Night of the Sciences, November 25 2022

How do you fight moldy invaders? Have you ever wondered how much cocaine is hidden in your wallet? Go on a sugar hunt and marvel at nematodes. Did you know that fungal pathogens can be fought with RNA? Get active in the lab yourself, try your hand at pipetting and using a microscope, examine your cell phone for microbes.

The scientists explain how you get from the gene to the natural substance, how 3 (million) musketeers keep the fungi in our body in check and shed light on the hype about the intestinal flora. Marvel at earth bacteria with the help of which a lamp is made to glow. Visit the Jurassic Park of bacteria! One or the other child may even find a dinosaur egg there. Solve genetics riddles together and fight nasty fungi.

Stop by at Hermann-Löns-Strasse 70, 6 p.m. til midnight!

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