"Wirkstoffradio" with Pierre Stallforth

Current episode on paleobiotechnology and predator-prey relationships

Pierre Stallforth is standing in front of a laboratory workstation with bottles, pipettes and shelves with all sorts of lab equipment.
Pierre Stallforth is head of the research area paleobiotechnology at the Leibniz-HKI. Source: Anna Schroll/Leibniz-HKI

[Podcast only available in German language]

In a conversation with Bernd Rupp from Wirkstoffradio, Pierre Stallforth explains what paleobiotechnology is, which archaeological samples are analysed and how microorganisms can be found in them or active substances discovered that were produced by these organisms.

Stallforth and Rupp also discuss the predator-prey relationship of amoebae to their bacterial food. Bacteria often repel amoebae with active substances. These have the potential to be used as drugs - not only against amoebae, but they could also be developed into therapeutics against cancer, for example.

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Pierre Stallforth