First WSS colloquium takes place

| Jasmin Frangenberg und Annett Fischer

Together with the group of Christina Warinner at the MPI-EVA in Leipzig our department hosted the first colloquium within the funding period of the Werner Siemens-Stiftung (WSS) under the theme “Microbiome functional evolution: past to present”. The foundation has enabled the set-up of the first research unit for paleobiotechnology. The colloquium took place as a public lecture and open post-lecture coffee break.

The main scientific contributions for the event were provided by three invited speakers: Dr. Katerina Guschanski (University of Edinburgh, UK), Dr. Antonio Fernandez-Guerra (University of Copenhagen, DK), and Prof. Nadine Ziemert (University of Tübingen, DE).

Their lectures were framing the starting point of the discussions about the future integration of ancient DNA, microbes, and natural product discovery.